City Campus

Conveniently located in central Istanbul, the City Campus comprises of three sections: Pre School (2½ to 4 years old), Infants (4 to 7 years old) and Junior (7 to 11 years old). After age 11, the students relocate to the Zekeriyaköy Campus where the Secondary School is situated.

The City Campus is housed in secure, villa style buildings within a short distance from each other. The locations are quiet and safe for student drop off, with limited parking available for those parents who wish to bring their children to school or attend events.

Classrooms are air-conditioned, with a computer and Internet access. All units have access to a sports hall, a well resourced library, computer suite and outdoor area. The students in the City Campus also have access to the sports facilities and theatre at the Zekeriyaköy Campus.

The central location of the City Campus provides easy access to a wealth of museums, art galleries, historical sites and places of interest.

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